The “Catta” is Growing, Expanding, Evolving and Changing, especially this HPT

Coven of the Catta

 This Priest and Man of Earth has not been posting much of late because i have been Extremely busy both in Malkuth and Kether and in between. I am also, as i recently wrote on the BSSS blog about 3 weeks behind reading your wonderful posts. Maybe some stormy rainy day i will get to those, but will most likely be in the cellar working on various projects on my workbench.

HH iron cross skeleton key

I wrote already about the bridge collapse and that is mostly fixed except for putting some shingles on the wood so it isn’t so slippery when wet. The Nagas and especially Nagiinis did Not want a bridge over that stream here or they would not have wiped away the first one by flood in 2006 and the second one by snow weight collapse this year.

nagas worshipping krsna

Project mostly complete, the “go with the flow” Taoist bridge that washed down attached…

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2 thoughts on “The “Catta” is Growing, Expanding, Evolving and Changing, especially this HPT

    • and three glasses makes the head doth hurt, lol. i think i have taken two small glasses of burgundy a night for probably 25 years, occasionally three with payment later, especially as i grow older…..
      Its funny, but i write a signature document re the COC and me as its elder HPT. I did not write it blatantly but hid the real writing in the pictures. Problem is what few COC covenenrs read their own coven’s blog (and many do not even have computers or one that works or high speed) and the only people who comment are people like you and bloggers across the pond. (I have not checked the COC blog or FB page yet to see reactions there as i published that late yesterday) Much more will come. Many changes will be made. With the present thirds and probationers things will be as they always were, the rituals done as Lady Phoebe taught me. But for me and future coveners more options will be given. I am not “hiving off” per se and will remain the elder HPT and with Lady Alsace the leaders of the COC. But i am working to taking the coven back to its roots, which is the Old Path of the jeddgewitch, forest conjurers and herbalist, darker workers of the hidden path, down the rabbit hole, gypsy witch, etc path. Too much to write here. Do me a favour hun and email me and i will tell you more if you are interested…..

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