Shadow Cat’s 14th Birthday today on May Day

shadow cat sun meditation cushion 1

In the sun on the meditation cushion

I have two black cats – Shadow Cat who is a short haired domestic who looks and speaks like she has some Siamese in her. She was a stray a neighbor captured (with bloody scratches all over his hands) and she was about 5-6 weeks old so i have her the birthday of May Day and called her Shadow because when she stood in the dark hallway i could not see her.


Young autumn tree climber

She was born in 2000 so turns 14 on May 1st. She is an inside outside cat and hides in the cellar when most people come over and likes mice and moles. She is the Queen of the house and refuses the cat door and i have to be her doorman.

SC (3)

On the outside tree stump altar

At least once a summer she will go out and do a walkabout disappearing for up to 4 days and then come sauntering home, worries the hell out of me as i look for circling buzzards and drive the road looking for her and even one time put up missing cat signs.

shadow stump

Lookout on the high ground

She is Not happy when i got Spider Cat at all as she is the Queen and he is kinda a big duffus and she hisses and swats with lightening speed at him. It is Rare for them to share a space closer than a few feet, except in the winter in front of the propane heater.


In front of the COC altar cloth

Enjoy the pics of Shadow Cat, starting with my favourite and then as she has grown and even some at the end with long haired black Spider cat who was born near All Hallows in 2005. All pics Copyright 2014 GLHoke.

No Description

In the yoni drain in front of the lingum stone


Proud pentagram wearing Catta Cat

Shadow cat grass heater

Cold winter in front of the heater with cat grass treat

Shadow Cat Sun 2 April 2014 (2)

 In the sun on the sun porch shelf2 black cats

Whose chair is it?

Cats Snuggy Heater

My eyes glow when my butt is heated

Cats in the Sun on Imbolc (1)

Rare butt to butt in the warm sun


Posing together in the sunlight

Spider n Shadow on Quilt (1)

Sleeping on the Quilt

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  1. Crazy how they change. My family took in a little black stray a few months and she doesn’t seem to growing at all!

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