Busy Witch and Caretaker of the Land so Not Blogging much of late….

Local Maps (3)

Original Native American Trails in PA

Local Maps (2)

Local Maps (1)

Two Maps from the mid to latter 1700s showing where the Susquehanna and Juniata rivers merge near where i live

Sorry i have not been posting much of later my blogger friends, but REALITY and Spring and various projects have kept me Very Busy.

Bridge Surviving 15 April 2014

Taoist Bridge go with the glow surviving minor  flooding

I mostly fixed the snow/ice collapsed bridge for one thirty firth of what insurance paid me with a rather ingenious “go with the flow” Taoist style which i posted pics of before.

5 April 2014 (17)

What you sometimes see out of yr Jeep windshield

I had to trade in my wonderful 2003 VW Golf for a beautiful metallic blue 2009 Jeep Wrangler X. VWs can go for 250K miles or more, but mine was nickel and dime-ing me to death, had great gas mileage d/t its low profile, but anything you hit bigger than a baseball took out the muffler etc. The Jeep’s mpg in comparison sucks but i don’t drive that far anymore, but now i can drive up mountains.

I have been working my arse off on the bridge and yard and etc preparing for May Day next Sunday, even putting together a little burning man like Tab has in a huge version. All the trees are budding and flowering and i learned one can take a cutting of certain trees from live branches and use a root enzyme so am trying to start a sycamore (love those) and the most beautiful weeping (like a willow) pink cherry tree i gathered from my travels and from people i just stop at their houses and they graciously say Yes. That cheap little indoor greenhouse starting kit is working wonderfully with lots of plants coming up but to be honest i forget what some of them are, but around here one cannot plant outside for fear of frost until after Mother’s Day. But the green is very good for me mentally and emotionally and especially spiritually.

Oh and as i wrote before i have set up a full Solomonic temple once again in the Hex Haus aka white cabin but i am not writing much about that.


Der Schwartz Haus aka Black Cabin as opposes to the Hex Haus aka White Cabin as oppoded to the white with black shutters house i live in

After 11 years i finally talked the absent owner of the cabin across the stream behind mine to sell it and its one acre to me, yea for a great price. My good neighbor and i like it quiet here (no screaming kids, no shooting rednecks, no kenneled barking dogs, etc), so he bought the tax abandoned houses behind him against the mountain and now i have this tract of land so out closest neighbor is an eighth of a mile, yea. So we are left with deer, bear, and the occasional cougar aka mountain lion which makes going outside at night somewhat of an adventure now. So that was quite a deal to swing financially but with Ganesha’s help it is going to work out and work out in time for deed transfer next Tuesday, yea. They call this bachelor because between my neighbor, me, and the two guys who lived behind him, and the owner of the cabin who just has a long term girlfriend, we are all happy bachelors. LOL

And i have been exploring local historical societies, old churches, graveyards,and Native American sites. Needless to say this month i have taken about a hundred pics so far. i should probably have a photography blog, but they would all just get stolen anyway.


My mum told me this was still here, just before my exit, the original Schaffer who lived in this valley first. I found the road marker w the help of a relative, hiked u in, took pics, recovered a half dozen of preserved vinegar and other jars.

So by the time it has gotten to blogging time, after working all day until dusk, eating, taking a bath, having a glass of wine, but then staying up until 4am trying to OCD catch up on projects laid from one counter to the other in almost every room, i have not been blogging much. I literally have, once again, about a hundred of yr posts saved in a file to read, which is why i have not responded to anything in weeks, so forgive me. I have literally only been getting around 4 hours of sleep at the most for over a month now.

Local Ghede

My local Ghede honoured with his bronze Civil War marker, a simple cross with flowers i got at the Dollar Store, a quarter with the State of PA on the back, and two Captain Black cigars on top arranged in a TAU cross. Interesting how his marker has an inverse pentagram on it

20 April 2014 (17)

Another marker that was of a blue stone granite

I have about 20 books on the local history and Native Americans to read with old maps going back to the original Indian trails up to when William James of the Jamestown settlement sent French and English “Blancs” up the SusQ to the Juniata river to trade some rum with a large settlement to gather stone for a house around 1640 (I know Brits, recent history, lol) to a house still standing from around the mid 1700s. And directly across the river from me at the bend in the river where the eagles used to build in some sycamores (now they have moved up my mountain and have successfully raised about 2 young a year for years now) there was a town and then RR station called “Iroquois”, so been hiking in the state game lands there from both ends north and south where the road is blocked and just a dirt road now. Now is a good time to look for such things with little shrub growth, no snakes and little insects, except the damned ticks are out Way too early already. You can see where the Natives planted on the rich flat land of the first flood plane along the river, then built their villages on the second (50-100 year flood plane) next one up, then maybe larger villages on the third flood plane (500 year flood zone). Smart people those in indigenous peoples, smarter than modern Americans building in flood planes, on land that is fill, on land that is prone to mudslides and earthquakes and forest fires, on land that is right on the ocean, which is why insurance after Katrina and Sandy Hook (i have recently found out personally) is now Three times higher than it used to be.


Catholic altar uncovered for Easter. Interestingly on Good Friday all these icons were covered with purple velvet but it was too holy an event to snap pics of it

Oh, and on Easter, this 33 year third degree HPT Witch, this past Buddhist monk, This past Buddhist and Hindu and OTO and ECG initiated and empowered eastern and western Magickian. This closet Shaitaist Lucifeian Baphomet loving Gnnosticke, did something i have never done before.

Presbeteroamm Cjircj Dimcammpm (1)

Stained glass window in an Episcopal church that has an old foot pumped bellows for the pipes which are at least 20 feet high which i hope to hear played some day soon. Here in the USA this denomination is fairly liberal and even GBLT friendly with female ministers

I went to a Catholic High Easter Mass at a church dedicated to the patron Mary of the day i was born. It was very cathartic having been kicked out of my Methodist church for meditating with zen incense when i was 20. Don’t worry, i am not converting. The ritual was beautiful and parts were physically almost exactly like out Coven’s rituals, especially the way the cingulum/censor was swung in a cross x 3 both directions then in a circle x 3, but curious, and i will Have to ask a Priest, they swing it deosil twice then widdershins once, hmmmmm….. The people were very nice. And i had a weird energy surge when the host was consecrated and held up and i had my eyes closed before then just listening and then opened them to see what was happening. Too much to write, blog post, type, or email about.

I have only told three close friends who would understand, the  one being raised totally non-religious in the south and Never been baptized, nor his mum, nor her mum. I told him he would make the Perfect Satanic Priest, LOL. Anther close friend kinda understood but she hates what the Blanc Xians did to the Native Americans, and i understand that. The other was my tattoo artist who has a fascination with anything regarding history and religious anthropology and when he tats me i teach him stuff. He is not the heavily tattooed missing one tooth older guy he appears to be for sure.

2 April 2014 (2)

My tat artist JM skillfully drawing out a design on a light table before making the stencil

2 April 2014 (13)

No skin left to tat on this ole gal

22 April 2014 (24)

Right arm symbols of Eastern Empowerments

22 April 2014 (25)

Left arm symbols of Western Initiations. The red marks on both arms are from clearing brush

22 April 2014 (20)

SATOR square left check and Fleur-de-Lis with Honi Soit Qui Mal y Pense right chest fit in an X line between older tats

22 April 2014 (22)

TEMET NOSCE in Latin with Runic Ts. Yea as anyone who has ever gotten a tat knows they look red and nasty at first and i even toned down the colour. The M especially hurt at it was right on the bottom of the sternum. Ouch!

Oh, in last month got in black red degree signs for eastern empowerments and western initiations on forearms, SATOR square in German Runes on left chest, fleur de lis avec honi soit qui mal y pense right chest, TEMET NOSCE on my upper abdomen (ouch at the lower sternum, did i say Ouch?), and a half ring (full rings fade quickly inside of finger my tat artist and his wife advised me) of a black pentagram vampire red circle with the runes CHDR which stand for out Covens of the Catta aka cat totem in North America, Horsa aka horse totem in the New Forest England, and Dragon Rouge aka red dragon totem south east French coast (you know, were Yeshua and Mary Mag landed and had black Sarah) on my left middle finger, so i am married to the coven now like a nun wears a ring being marries to Jesus. My left ring finger remains open in case i ever Do get married like to Sandra Bullock LOL. Actually i still plan on getting handfasted to my love Lady EWH if she will have me.

You see i can separate YHShVH aka Yeheshua the holy teacher from the GOD his followers made him. Just read the Sermon on the Mount and the Gospel of John and the Gnostic Gospels. I know Mary aka Mariam aka The Black Virgin is nothing more than the Goddess herself in her many forms around the world. But fast forward from Paul to the Catholic church money grabbing power grabbing torturing burning at the stake crusading NZs they became, for me, you can FK all of that. depravity. Why do you think i was a SP during the French Revolution then escaped to Haiti and then to NOLA to practice herbalism and alchemy and medicine? To keep my head on my shoulders, LOL. I do have respect for the present Pope and two Popes ago, even though i totally disagree with their theology, but like the Dalai Lama i consider them to be living Santos.


Sacred Hearts of Mariam and Yeheshua

What can i say, me busy, me strange……

Blessed Be – SMSBFZ (funny, so few bloggers read my stuff and even less thirds in the COC and no one has ever asked me what that means……..) 13 April 2014 (2)

Waxing Moon at dusk

I will post lots of photos later but just a few here.

Copyright GLHoke 2014


4 thoughts on “Busy Witch and Caretaker of the Land so Not Blogging much of late….

  1. I know the feeling- walking the land and learning its history also feel more important to me than serving the interweb of late.

    Interesting to see your connection with Mary. Mary is the Christian patroness of the church and holy well on Castle Hill in Penwortham, which I believe to have been a pre-Christian sacred site. There’s been finds in the area dating back to the neolithic period and it’s also a fairy site. Mary is certainly a presence there, although I haven’t connected with her much as I have mixed feelings about Christianity.

    I have also had experiences with a vegetation deity there I’ve seen as ‘The Lady in the Ivy’ ‘The Lady in the Sycamores’ ‘The Lady on the Mound’ ‘The Lady of Peneverdant.’ I’m not sure if she’s the same deity as Mary.

    The whole area (Preston = Priest Town) has a strong Catholic and Marian heritage, although some sites are Mary Magdalene and some are Mary the Virgin.

    • I would love to see you investigate, photograph, trance out and bard poems about the Old “Marys” there on the land before the “new Marys” took over, and even what traditions have transformed from one through the other to the present day. That would be fascinating. I have very mixed feelings about Chrsitinity also. I am into Jesus like the Sermon on the Mount, and Mary as a Goddess, but everything in the Old Testament of the storm wrathful kill them all YHVH, and everything from Paul through the church afterwards, blood and power and destruction and greed, you can keep.

  2. Wow you have been busy! Glad you did the Easter thing you had spoken of previously and that it touched some nerves with you. Some lovely photos here by the way… Having seen your latest tats we are thinking we have far too much un-inked skin on show and that needs rectifying soon! We love the way nature and history are intwined in your life and musings and we get a sense of time and place whenever we read your blog. Blessings from Zurich, Cassie & Sophie.
    P/S No we don’t know what the SMSBFS or COC mean either!

    • Yea i am so busy i get maybe 3 hours of sleep a night. i can’t keep up with anything on the computer at all d/t reality. Yea not much space left on me except my legs and i don’t like tats under hair and (TMI) I shave everywhere there are tats but am NOT shaving my legs, LOL. All my tats have meaning and balance. COC = Coven of the Catta my other blog http://covenofthecatta.wordpress.com/ SMSBFZ come from taking my three degree witch names Shawnus for my first, then for my second was gonna choose Santee (aka Dr Santee aka Lord Merlin) but chose Merlin, so now added that back in. for my third i had a name in vision of Ferrisstar which seemed like a ferris wheel in the stars like the QBL Metatron UFO vehicle from the Old Testament, but then i got the shits of the coven politics and left and got into Thelema more and i am very into Jack Parsons who started the OTO in California with Crowley’s blessing. Wiki him. He died in an explosion 8 months before i was born and has a crater of the dark side of the moon named after him, so i chose Belarion. ZAXON very complex and i used to desk top publish back in the day before websites and blogs by typing Mac docs and my trade name was ZAXON Publishing. I plan on reblogging those old old old articles straight into BSSS soon. Thus – Shawnus Merlin Santee Belarion Ferrisstar ZAXON………

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