The 110th Anniversary of the Transmission of Liber Al vel Legis through Rose Kelly to Aleister Crowley


I almost forgot today to post the fact that 110 years ago in the Cairo Museum Rose Kelly led Aleister Crowley to an obscure part of the British Museum, saying, “they are calling you” and led him to Stele exibhit #555 which was a pained front and back Stele of the Priest Alkh-af-na Khonsu as an Ibis scribe writing what Ra / Horus / Ra-Hoor-Khuit was chanelling to him. For the next three days she would go into trance and dictated the three chapters of Liber Al vel Legis aka The Book of the Law to AC as her scribe. I still feel this is one of the most important shamanic cross cultural transmissions from the Old Ones of the original Nephilim who landed in Egypt circa 4-5000 BCE.

93.Frater SimON 2*