My 1000th Post – Lets Just Read Some Religious Anthropogy and Tribalism and Get the Over The Frosts and Treat Them Like the Witch Elders They Are !!!

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I am sick of the Frost Mythos urban myth based on the misinterpretation of Gavin and Yvonne Frost’s The Witche’s Bible.

And especially this TWH synopsis (no blame to them, just reporting the pagan communites’ knee jerk politically correct “don’t taint me” dissociative reaction of what i consider to be intelligent people who for some reason do not know ancient history or the practices of our ancestors. You can read here how they were invited and then uninvited to a major Witch/Pan event in Florida. This is an excellent an informative articles fairly giving both sides, so kudos to TWH for this post.

And finally you can read their own words about what they think the present state of Witchcraft is, from about 50 years of experience. Read the book. They are talking historically about how things were done in the past, not how they were doing things now. All i can say is You Go Gavin and Yvonne because they kick arse and even threaten lawsuits for slander in the end !!!

Think deep. Do your research. Don’t listen to gossip. Make your own opinion. I have friends who have gone to Starwood for decades and have hung out with the Frosts and i have Never heard them say anything bad about them. I have a friend in NC who was adopted by them as a teen and they turned his life round and he said absolutely NOTHING happened of an inappropriate manner.

To paraphrase Rodney King – Can’t we just all get along and do Witchcraft together, young and old, old school and new school? And FK the politically correct “Wicca” that does not understand that back in the hippie days kids ran around buck naked and No one (except maybe the few pervs who are at Every public event) paid one glance or one thought about it.

But it is the post-rReagonm,  post-Satanic Panic,post Llewellyn cut and past books that offend No one, post PC “Wicca” culture we live in nowadays. Hell nowadays i am afraid of giving a male or female witch even a hug for fear, as i have been, of being accused of sexual innuendos. I am a post hippie. We hugged. Got a problem with hugging? Hell, get over it all the gossip from the past and the infighting and rumor mongering.

Don’t you have something better to do like go outside tonight under the waxing moon and pray to the Goddess of us all???

Ole Doc Santee went through this very same public rumor mongering and his library was burned down by the fundies and thieves in town.

Afraid to go outside under the full moon and Know Thyself and remember what a spiritual master said – “He who is without sin, cast the first stone”? Then keep on blogging this SHT on and on and on about various elders, the good, the slightly bad, the bad. Grarner, Sanders, Valiente, Fortune, Crowley Regardie, in the public eye, a target on their back, tabloids following them.Can we expect any less from the public? But should we accept more than constructive criticism and intelligent feedback from our witch/pagan brothers and sisters?

Write yr words late at night with a few meads in you. Just remember – you will get old too. You will have a Lot of things you wrote and said  and emailed and tweeted and it is all there eternally on some server, and you and i did things that wev will not be proud of a few decades from now. We are not perfect even if we are witches or even clergy. We are not perfect whether we are Christian priests or Buddhist monks or grand poopaas of some occult group, or High Priest/esses of Witchcraft. We are not Perfect.

Who is to judge a tree by the way its branches have grown?


Postscript – that was my 1000th post.

Addendum – here is a link to what The Wild Hunt posted on their Pagan Community Notes on this subject. Enjoy.