The Beauty of Vultures: Eco-animism, Astrology, and Underworld Deities – Part 1.

My comments – “Interesting first part and looking forward to reading the second part. As Lorna said it is interesting how such an iron stomached bird can be wiped out by an anti-inflammatory drug given to cattle, and how the decline in their population has brought up the canines scavengers who are also predators and have so much rabies that kills so many people. I guess the spirit of the vulture is getting its revenge, making more dead bodies if it is denied them naturally. I am reminded in the high Himalayas how there was (now there is mined natural gas and coal) no wood for cremations and the ground frozen for burials how they used “sky burials” much cheaper and eco-friendlier than the former. And just how the Native Americans used All parts of a buffalo how high Lamas bones would be artistically made into kapalas and kanglings. The highly carved ones on eBay now are most likely from executed Chinese prisoners….. I will read the second part then reblog this so TY for another fine writing on nature Brian.” Also check out Part Two of this post on the Vulture.

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Vulture PosterVulture Poster, Aditya Roy.

I’ve never really had the travel bug, so have only seen vultures in the wild once, in Andalucia, soaring over a limestone gorge, and spiralling on thermals above the mountains.  I was quite taken with them, so I watched Charlie Hamilton-James’s painstaking B.B.C. documentary –Vultures, Beauty in the Beast (21.00 p.m on 31st January), with great interest.  Hamilton James turned out to be a persuasive advocate for a species that, with their hairless serpentine necks that can exert a force of 40lbs, and stomach juices capable of dissolving metal, are formidable ecological specialists!  Filming in Africa, he pointed out that if hyenas fail to turn up, vultures will plunge their heads into the rear ends of animal carcasses to dine.  Adult vultures can soar a hundred miles to bring food to their fast growing chicks.  The lovingly crafted documentary showed these maligned birds to…

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