“Oculus” and Mirror Magickes

I watched the Trailer for the new DVD “Oculus” last night and boy does it look scary. I guess it came out as a film in 2013 then on DVD and various vendors this month. Actually i found one newer Trailer and one from 2013 so have embedded them both below. Reminds me in some way of The Skeleton Key which i have.

I could write a loooonnnggg post on Mirror Magicke but am too tired right now, long day. I use mirrors to reflect back the Magicke i am doing in a temple, never to evoke into them, but one has to be careful none the less as stuff can get stuck in there. In the Hex House where i have set up another full circle for Solomonic workings of a higher nature i have old but not that old mirrors from the Goodwill with wood not plastic frames, no plastice over there at all. I use them also over there to reflect back the sun and scenes of nature from the 6 windows on the top floor, kinda like being in a tree house.

Once decades ago an old bar we used to frequent past evening shift when i worked in the ER. We all, EMTs, nurses, doctors, policemen and women, firemen and women, used to “decompress” there. The place had old blue mirrors all around and they were just going to trash them. I bought one section and realized they had Never seen sunlight but reflected all the drunken depressed thoughts and desire of those in a bar. I had this piece cut into several 18 inch circles by an old guy who worked out of his garage. I soaked them in the bathtub in salt water, then did a banishing on them, then laid them out in the yard in sun light and even rain storms. That worked and i gifted most of them to friends as they made great altar based to lay one statues and crystals upon.

Also remember really old mirrors are backed with silver, ie, an electromagnetic conductor of the lunar astral….

Enjoy and don’t sleep in front of a mirror like I do he he he….

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  1. That’s some interesting info on mirrors, hadn’t thought of them absorbing the atmosphere of a place before but I guess all objects do maybe mirrors more so because they reflect people. Poor mirrors…

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