Innocent’s Song, a ghost story for ‘Oranges and Lemons’ Day

Very interesting. Back in Medieval times fresh fruit from the orient was a rare delicacy. I wonder the true meaning behind this entire story and rhyme and practice that the church took over obviously from pagan sources. Just found this on Wiki with a WAV file also

freaky folk tales

innocent's song, a ghost story

I intended this story for children but possibly it’s a little too scary! What do you think?

It was that part of the evening when the shadows are deepening and the twilight had nearly run its course. The singing birds had finished their merry song, and children were settling down for peaceful slumber.

The young children of Glenford Grange had in the early afternoon come out in the park for a little party, but, finding the open air so delightful, they were loath to return to the house, and lingered on enjoying to the full the calm, evening air. However, as darkness commenced to envelop the surroundings, they crept closer to one another, and conversed in whispers. To their right stretched a vast expanse of lawn, which seemed, to their imaginative minds, to be peopled with strange and mystic figures—fairies, ghosts, goblins, and other fearsome things. Their talk eventually fell…

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