The Dance

This is so well written i had to reblog it. My comment – Its all a big life long spiral. sometimes we spiral down like into drunkenness or depression. sometimes we spiral up like the hawk in the wind current over the mountain. sometimes that upward spiral burns us like Daedalus too close to the sun. sometimes we spiral down too far like being drowned by the Mermaid Naginis. if we but keep hold of our center, that moving dot slippery to keep one’s finger upon, then there is a bit of “control” like holding the string of a kite on a windy day. may the gods strengthen out string our whole lives that we stay tru to our Earth Walk. Reblogging, so well written. Blessings PB.


“What do you think you are doing standing there with all that control, all that tameness? Do you call that dancing? Have you forgotten how to surrender, to collapse at my feet? Have you forgotten how beautiful it is to just let go?”

My answer is a plaintive yes. I don’t want to lose control. My grip on reality is already so fragile. If I collapse I might not get up again.

“If you continue to hold on to that thread you call ‘control’, you will fall harder, not deeper. You are yearning for deepness, for richness of spirit and life, longing for the drumbeat to take you to your deepest self, but instead of dancing your longing into the stars, into my eyes, you drown it out. You are drowning your sorrow instead of painting it; filling the holes, the deep caverns in your heart and soul with alcohol…

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