is Satan God?

Cassie’s mate Sophie’s first blog post. An excellent writing about her personal path and about the specific religious philosophy of Satanism. You go girl !

Devil's Advocates

(Sophie’s First Post on Devil’s Advocate)

I have always been an atheist. I’ve lived most of my life in Switzerland which has a Christian tradition but is mostly secular. My family and I were completely atheist though. I always thought the idea that there was some God somewhere sitting on a cloud in judgement over all of us was ridiculous… A bad fairy tale. Anyway I always believed in Science and still do. The Big Bang, evolution, natural selection; these are the truths that make sense to my mind.
But I think I always had a spiritual side too. I never thought religion and spirituality were the same thing. I do believe we have a soul and that our souls can grow and learn from one life to the next. The scientific part of my brain thinks this takes the form of some sort of genetic memory, like instincts…Therefore I…

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