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A new Probationer turned me on to this wonder Blog about the worship of HEKATE called Toad, Black Cat & Pointy Hat. The About page explains, and I quote –

“On this blog i will write about witchcraft, the Goddess Hekate and my spiritual life in general.I am from Germany and  i have German blog about witchcraft too and a German blog about the Goddess Hekate, since some years. And many visitors of these blogs are coming from English speaking lands. So i decided to make an English blog, too. Here on my blog Toad, Black Cat & Pointy Hat- you will find some articles from my German blogs in English translation. This blog will grow and change over time.”

This is an Excellent Blog and I Highly Recommend it for anyone interested in the Goddess Hekate who even though the name is Greek she goes Way back in the history as one of the forms of the Triple Goddess.

I also found these websites before and want to share them. The first is by Sorita D’Estre and is called The Covenant of Hekate wand it is also Excellent.and here is her Website and Biography.

Wow look what i just  found – At the COH on this page is a link to their E-Zines which are Free PDF Downloads at Lulu.com. All you have to do is register at Lulu and not even give a cc and i just got 6 for Free !!!

The pictures above and below are all from an unknown source as i have had them for years now in my files. Enjoy!

triple hekate

If this is Your photo please tell me ASAP and i will properly credit it or pull it. TY

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