Photographs from a Witches Day

Here are some pictures I took today. Actually i have a file full of pics from the month of March so far but it would take days to post them and they will probably all be stolen/downloaded then uploaded to other blogs, websites and Tumblr pages. Anyway, as always, all photos ©2014 GLHoke for what its worth.

Wicker Man Circle

Not a photo I took but Major Spring Fever with the snow today., instead this is my plan for May Day this year, LOL. Actually not my pic but of course from the original Wicker Man (which one of our 3* HPS’s posted on her FB page), but i cleaned it up with contrast and hue. Ah the good ole days….

Burn Barrel in the Snow across the Stream (1)

Yea it snowed all day, not quite cold enough to lay much except in the woods. i geared up and burned some paper (never plastic) in the burn barrel then snapped this shot from my side of the stream. Goddess tree on the left, burn barrel fire in the middle, God hemlock tree with previous owner’s pet graveyard to the right, edge of Snakehenge stones to the far right.

Hand on Scate

Last week i went through a last pile of stuff at my late Dad’s garage, much of it from my late Grandpa. I found this one skate like i used to strap onto my shoes, painted part of it black thinking about “Hand” from the second Addams Family movie where it is skateboarding around on a skate like this, took a black ceramic hand ring holder i found at the thrift shop and put them together for this whimsical photo. LOL


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    • That is a very high res 3+MB pic so if u save it to yr desktop then open it in whatever you view and edit pics in you can zoom in pretty far. Yes i set a fire then came across the stream for something and snapped that shot, then went back over and monitored the fire even though the ground is soaked, just how i was taught in the Boy Scouts, never leave a fire unattended.

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