a visit from spider

Great post. See my comments below. Ashe and BB.

love by the moon

I saw/felt his spindly legs as he slowly hooked them over the lip of the jar, lifting his body out to make his way. Bits of him were off in the transfer, added to my hedge bag.. but in his shadow form, he is whole and much larger. I felt him as he scurried up the stairs to rest on the floor beside the bed.. waiting. I had a rush of anticipation and of dread, as I always do. Why must it be spider? He just waited. A small shadowy form in the hall distracted me, and by the time my attention was back, he was already starting his slow steady crawl up my body.. graceful as only he can be. He came to rest spanned across my face. His hairy abdomen was resting just around my lips, and his front legs prickled near the top of my cheek. I…

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