Watch The Cosmos (For Free Online) With Neil DeGrasse Tyson

I love Neil DeGrasse who reminds me so much of the Carl Sagan shows i grew up with. I love space and my mind opened when i was a youth and my parents gave me a telescope and i saw Saturn for the first time. I want to have a space ship and go to warp speed. Maybe i am just a kid yet, which is a good thing, but i hope our human kind survives to make it even farther into space. Even what they are doing on the international space station is amazing, though one seldom sees it in the news. I have watched many an older episode of various shows on the PBS website so thanks for the heads up. TY and RB of course.

Metal Gaia

Neil DeGrasse’s “Cosmos” is much more than a mere show about science. It is a show that captures the spirit of discover itself, of asking “The Big Questions,” and pushing the boundaries of the unknown towards further heights. To solve the problems of our time, we need to fall back in love with discovery.

Spirituality itself is a journey to embrace the infinite. Science is not so different a journey. So check out The Cosmos. It is free after all. It is visually spectacular, and Neil DeGrasse Tyson breaks complex theories into very understandable concepts. It is time for us to reinvigorate human love of discovery and to boldly expand the bounds of human imagination. Let Neil DeGrasse Tyson take you on a journey through time and space with this exciting new scientific series.

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