The Voodoo Project: First Things First.

My comment – “I don’t know how i found this older post, maybe from one of your newer posts? i was going through about a hundred posts last night and somehow ended up bookmarking it, but i like it a lot and the comments. I too practice “vaguely voodoo-flavored practice” as a blanc witch and magickian. I, like Sallie Ann Glassman, do not use animal blood, being a Buddhist also. All i know is i went to NO years ago with a girlfriend and just before we left i bought a tall wooden Babaluaye which i carried on the plane under the seat in front of me which held a Catholic Priest (LOL bet he had some horny dreams) and then the rest of the family followed me home. And yes for me it is entirely UPG which is why i don’t write about it much as a blanc with so many Real Vodouns around. I think the way it is practiced in West Africa vs Haiti vs NO vs up north in Hoodoo land are very different. BTW some of my favourite books are those by Ray Malbrough (and like i said Sallie Ann Glassman) who used to live near me and whom i first took on a below ground graveyard pilgrimage and it was funny to watch him tip toe around since he was not used to walking on buried graves, LOL. I personally have no problems with the Lwa’s association with the Catholic Santos, but then i was not raised Catholic so don’t have that bad taste in my mouth from my youth. Gods, when you wrote (and my eyesight is bad) – “You are not getting down on your knees and singing their praises” i read “penises”…. I considered them to be just wild and crazy friends to party with and do magicke with, kinda like friends in high and low places, always handy. I am going to read the comments and then reblog this so TY. “  But what do i really know. I’m just a crazy eclectic northern blanc. Read the many many comments too…..

Mystical Bewilderment

Secrecy is a huge thing in voodoo. This is actually a lot more important in the realm of voodoo than it is in paganism, which is why it’s so hard to find good information. Wait. What? I’m not saying that those pagans who live quiet lives won’t get the shit end of the stick if they come out. And I can understand the need for secrecy, as I’ve discussed time and again. The thing is that in voodoo the need for secrecy, I see, is far more deeply ingrained. They weren’t even allowed to think about their old religions when the slaves were brought to the New World, but they practiced it anyway. Going along with this, that is why you see that the lwa have correlations with the saints: it was a way to hide their religion in plain sight. And while in the old days, death for witches…

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2 thoughts on “The Voodoo Project: First Things First.

  1. I thought this was a very strong introductory article to Voodoo. We recently had a Voodoo speaker to our local pagan society who made an argument for the practice of Voodoo in Britain due to the import of so many African slaves, particularly on the West coast.

    • Yes the descendants of those slave should be allowed to practice their native religions. There is always the question of whether white Europeans can really practice Vodoun or Native American or Eastern religions. I think in some ways we can, especially nowadays where there is so much knowledge out there. But in other ways since the elders of the natives are dying out it is up to their descendants to carry their flame, and a European can never really get deep into the mysteries without “going native” as the royals used to say, lol. I don’t know the ethnicity or gender of that writer, but i assume they are of European descent and perhaps male, not sure, not that the latter matters. But their level where they were just rang with me on how i practice Vodoun or whatever one wants to call it.

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