Pilgrim's Way

One for the Rook
One for the Crow
One for the Earth
And one to grow

PrimroseI can’t remember when or where I heard the above seed sowing rhyme, it’s one I’ve used for as long as I can remember, one line spoken for each seed sown…I share it with you now because the Spring Equinox is well and truly upon us.  The first heralds of spring, the Blackthorn blossom, slowly give way to the first flushes of fresh green growth, beneath the hedgerows Primroses bare crowns of voluptuous creamy yellow blooms, gardens across both town and country seem to burst with Daffodils and although still pretty nude, the trees have started to issue forth tight sticky buds of growth whilst birds rejoice upon the branches with their early morning chorus.  The Sun makes its transition from the watery, purifying sign of Pisces and enters the fiery sign…

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