Father Satan?

My comment – “Very good article CW. I feel that if one is self empowered as one’s own god or goddess then it is often normal for one’s external god/ess to be of the opposite sex to oneself, whether psychologically or physically. Baphomet definitely combines both, as do goddesses like Lilith as written in a comment above. Reblogging and TY. BB / 93 / AS”

Devil's Advocates


Quite a lot of Satanists, particularly theistic ones like myself, frequently refer to Satan in parental terms as Father. I can understand this and in certain situations and some rituals I do so myself. However, I think it is often limiting and sometimes faintly ridiculous. The notion of Father Satan can easily seem as childish as the notion of Father Christmas.

I think there is a danger with any deity in any religion of limiting that deity to base human forms. The result quite often is the creation of a limited and fundamentalist mind-set. To me Satan is indeed a real entity, but one which goes beyond the bounds of purely humanistic definitions. He can indeed be a father figure, but he is not limited to that.

Let’s consider some reasons why it may sometimes be inappropriate to think of Satan purely as a Father figure. For many people the…

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