I apologize for not posting or reading yr posts but putting them in a foler that is up to maybe 70 posts because Life is taking so much of my time i cannot COC blog or BSSS blog or Tumblr or even Read blog posts. Life has turned rather “interesting” arouond me.

Jeep Wrangler X 2009

I literally have $___ in the bank but $ coming from SSD and the bridge collapse (gods what a fight That is) and bought a 2009 Jeep Wrangler X w 2-4WD and believe it or not the insurance is cheaper than on my ole VW. I had that WV for 11 years, bought it for myself on my 50th birth on 11 Feb 2003 I mega cleaned her up n think the dealer will sell her locally instead of at auction so hopefully will see her around. That VW would normally go 250000-500000 miles, but she was nickle n diming me to death n i could hear some message about a Major breakdown or accident coming i could Not afford, so long long story short, this is now my ride, my Blue Nagaraja.

i am sooo sorry i have not commented or reblog all yr wonderful posts. I have then n some day i will do so. So Mote It Be

Below pics of a steel trolly track i rescued from the from three feet under the road in front  of my mums house from about 150 years ago the original pieces of the original trolly that went from E through WF to CH. Got him to come in early before others there and used back hoe to place these two pieces on  my mum’s back sidewalk. one will go to the local historical museum n maybe the other to my bro who works on the RR.

Third pic from the county historical society outside ov an old bell.

I swear to the gods i Will get around to reading yr blog posts n commenting n reblogging, unless of course it is warm out and i can work on the steps to and from the stream n the bridge today. LOL.

Enjoy n BB


Bell Perry Historians