So Busy in the Real World of Native American graves and Spirits and Real Physical Witch Projects to even Read Posts or Comment or even Post much Myself Right Now will Hopefully Catch Up in the Next Few Days, Yea Right

New Tools of a Witch

New Tools of a Witch for the COC but Old Tools for a Magickian from the Solomic Grimoires, cleaned, brillo padded, stained, ready for the proper sigils combining the COC and the SG probably in Germanic Runes

I apologize to all my blogger friends i have fallen about 50 posts behind in responding and commenting and liking your wonderful posts.

Fact is i am more in the real world investigating 400 year old houses built on Native American towns and burial ground, two of them within 3 miles of where i live. This involves some driving and talking yr way onto the property and tons of pictures taken.

Let me just be brief and reblog here what i just posted on the closed COC FB page –

What did i do today? slept too late, drove around for an hour and fifteen minutes trying to find the local county historical society which i though i knew where it was, dud, should have google mapped it like i normally do, came home, collapsed because i was sick anyway, went back out w new directions, met the most Amazing people there who gave me All the info i wanted on two old houses in the county and i will be back as their library, not that i can read such small print, is awesome. I talked with people older than me. One lady was 104 years old filling them in on her and our history.

The one place that was carved in stone as 1648 was carved by a later builder to honour the original settler. It turns out this goes Way back before William Penn to William James of the Virginia Jamestown settlement who sent french and english explorers up the Chesapeake bay up the SusQ river up the Juniata river to a Large Old Native American settlement. The blancs offered some barrels of rum for the Indians to gather stone for a house. the blancs came back a year later to find the pile of stone, obviously not piled up in the Indian town, and they built a house. I have the names of those people, and one was a Doctor from Switzerland which could mean Germany or Austria also. The Indians, probably their first contact with blancs, probably most died within a few months of smallpox, i don’t know, just know that 80% of all Native Americans died of smallpox after their First contact.

So now i have emailed and VMd the owner to come over again, and if he is freaked out by who and what i am, then guess what, his property line only goes so far, so i am now on the search by psychic means, following my Indian guides, to find this village and graveyard and possible artifacts which i will gather and honour. So why are there so many large black snakes there now? Well probably the Indian spirits of those who died, and my Indian guide has an Iroquois name that matched the black snake in Iroquois. Now listen people, This is a mere three miles away downstream and across the river from where i live now. So how did i come up with his name? Well at another Indian Standing Stone up the other valley. This gives me chills. You have to realize this settlement was there in the early 1600s and at a very fertile Y of the major rivers here, so they have probably been here for a thousand years or more.

Now on another thing i learned today from the archeologist who dug up Native graves near the Covenstead and house and library of Dr Santee and the Coven of the Catta. He says across the river was Major Big Old Indian settlement whose midden pile aka dump was 7 meters = 25 foot tall, so they have been there awhile. Guess where that is now? Under the parking lot and location of a nuclear power plant. I am feeling Indian spirits who are pissed + the Qlipphotic black hole time space gateway of a place where they fission atoms + under Santee’s house is a tunnel that was a Civil War era underground railway his grandfather dug, which was probably later used the opposite way during Prohibition and this tunnel runs straight under the house where me and Lady Alsace banished some spirit, straight over to the nuclear power plant. My fingers are twitching and my my running full weird speed to write a story, based on history, but also Lovecraftian. All i can tell you is back in the day, when i worked in the Temple in the Bookhouse in the Covenstead of the COC i could Feel and See this Mobius negative energy between the temple and the nuclear power plant, and i worked Hard, using the knowledge and experience of Kenneth Grant and Soror Ayizan to keep that at bay. Finis for tonight. Pleasant dreams my kittiesy”

So, i have all yr 50 posts bookmarked in a folder and hopefully some day i will respond but for now i am digging thru books and websites and literally mud and rocks uncovering things. And the spirits are all over the house and property, not malevolent, but just following me home curious. I took a Himalayan salt and herbs bath tonight just to cleanse off anything which may be negative. There are Indian spirits outside and inside, and spirits from the Covenstead here, and other stuff i catch in the mirrors out of the corner of my eye. And No, i am Not going crazy, just jacked up with so much right now on the astral that i need to somehow slow down time and put them into tigle terma to open when i can deal with three things at a time instead of eleven.

Mountain Lion stalking deer

A couple years ago, at dusk, i saw across the steam about 50 feet away a Large cat which judging by the fallen tree behind it stood about one meter at the shoulders and had a meter plus tail with a large black stripe. I could not believe my eyes. Was it real or a spirit cat? I knew it was real. Here is a pic i obtained from a neighbor of a game cam photo in this valley, on this road, of a cougar or mountain lion, not the one i saw but another one, about two feet from taking down a young deer. See, i am NOT crazy. I saw this animal. It lives her in PA and here in this valley. Honour.

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  1. Just been reading the FB COC page, fantastic journey you have been on recently. You must share more of your findings – I am quite jealous of your field work rooting around in old houses and can’t wait for more! PS know what you mean about being distracted from the blogosphere by the real world!

    • Thank u for understanding if u and other bloggers have not heard from me as i literally now have 50-70 posts to read, some day. I have been working in the Real world doing some very interesting investigations and am going further and further down the rabbit hole and finding indian spirits and such. The county historical society is the Gold Mind and i emailed them if they have any books listing the old Indian towns, like the one across the river, on a road i just found out Is navigable even w my low profile VW and Is on state game land not private property. was going to wait under the snow now mud hardened but am assured it is solid so that will be my great adventure tomorrow. Blessings. Email me directly about the house dear….

      • What is the light light at the moment where you are? If there is a low sun, you might be able to get some good crop shadows to indicating where the villages were. Aerial archaeology is pretty good for showing up ‘lost villages’ – without a plane (or a licenced broomstick LOL) getting on higher ground might help. Otherwise a good bit of field walking might throw up some interesting finds. Good luck with the adventure! I almost in my little amityville now, so I will keep ypu posted by email!

        • Actually here in the eastern US this is the Best time to find stuff because just bare muddy ground, no leaves on the trees, easy to see hundred of feet into the woods, easy to find stuff in the mud etc. That guy’s property line, if he becomes uncooperative and does not care about all the knowledge i have gathered about his place or does not want to see some of the same coins he found in better shape from my Dad’s coin collection, his property line only goes so far, and if it is not posted i am there. But truth be told i think the village may be under a four lane highway. Other theory is that the village is on the other side of the river where the town of Iroquois aka the Iroquois Indians who were the Late inhabitants of the area may have settled as they fled north from le blancs (french for whites). Now think about it. Le Blancs come up the river. they find an indian village. they offer a few barrels of rum for them to gather stones for a house. Well they probably did so on the Other side of the river, not on their side, so at least they would have the river between them an le blancs. Unfortunately at first European contact 80% of all Native Americans were dead of smallpox withing 5 years. The NA’s built above the flood plane, grew crops on the flatland, then built a little above that for defensive purposes against other tribes, and also where there is a fresh water running stream. I am driving to where Iroquois was Today as it is cloudy n the road dried out n will call my Indian guide whose name means Black Snake in Iroquois and i really think he came to me here because he lived only a half mile from here as the raven flies. Ha. Another day and weekend of adventure, seems to be my “job” now ad lots of resources at the local historical society with lots of very helpful older knowledgeable probably reincarnated people from that time.

  2. That sounds like a fascinating yet unnerving story to unearth. I can see why dedicating your time to your calling to explore further seems appropriate for the moment. Best of luck.

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