Final Addendum to Our Covens Right to Legally Marry People in PA

Old BOS to New BOS

Handwritten BOSs to PC Word docs to CD to USB done a few winters ago

Here’s the Final Addendum in the original January 2014 post at the COC blog regarding

Our Coven’s Fight as Ordained Witch Priests and Priestesses to legally perform Marriages in Pennsylvania

“Addendum 10 March 2014 – The nice lady who i had talked with at the ACLU called to say they did not need to take up this case because they have done so X3 already in PA and have won. So I told her the story of how it was worked out on the local County level, which is the way it should be anyway, and how the lawyer for the county had talked with the Registrar and the County has already changed their policy at least regarding HPTs and HPSs of “a congregation which meets regularly”. Then she said “well i hope you go on to marry many many people” and i said TY and what a great job they do there. FINIS.”

Herr Doktor

Dr Santee kicking back after a long days work

shawnus santee bw

Rev (LOL) Shawnus kicking back after a long 2 months work

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    • Gave me something to do, right before i got ill, in a long winter, lots of work but now worth the effort. When a witch becomes a first degree they can choose to hand copy my BOS, and many have stated doing so, but i just hand them all a UPB drive with a hand woven neck cord of red cotton yarn, LOL.

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