Burial of Amity Calico Cat in the Fallen Bear Oak Tree

Coven of the Catta

Spider n Shadow on Quilt (1)

My own Spider and Shadow Cats in a Rare close together

Why is this posted on the Coven of the Catta blog? Because we worship Bastet and love cats whether living or others abandoned and dead.

My cats are all fine, though for some reason they won’t go outside even when it got up near 60 today, I think all the commotion in the yard with the big backhoe pulling the bridge up etc has their nerves on edge yet.

The last couple days i have driven down the highway and saw off to the side of the road a dead white yellow black calico cat. After the second day i turned around, came home and emptied my car, then loaded up some plastic gloves and a garbage bag. Since it was cold the cat was still frozen, so i packed it (he?she?) up to bring home for a proper…

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