Who’s Afraid of the Devil?

My late night comment to be added to tomorrow – gods (or devils?) girl u have become a writer putting yr ideas out there so strongly. u used to be so down on yrself but i still read those and understood because i have been there too. this is a Great post, equal to yr psychic reading post. It is very late and i will reblog n comment more tomorrow. GN and Incubus/Succubus (that u control) dreams to you, wink.

Valentina's Reflections

I grew up Evangelical Christian, and in my mother’s house we had more than a healthy fear of The Devil. That fear was especially keen during the early 1980’s when day care sex abuse hysteria , also known as “the Satanic Panic” (because all of the allegations of satanic ritual abuse that went along with the molestation allegations), made everyday life for a kid full of the potential to get raped, or murdered, by devil worshipers who could be anywhere . It was all over the news, talked about at church, but what was most heavily emphasized was about the sex. Sex, sex, sex, sex, sex. Any thoughts about it made you subject for the Devil. You could invite Him in with just one horny mind. A campaign of shame was hammered into our thoughts to prevent us from getting curious about it, or daring to give in to the…

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