Serpentine Slithering Slinks – Part 2 Saturday, Sunday, too busy to do read below…..


Source Unknown – i have files of pics saved over the years and do not know where they are from, so if this is yours please tell me. Peace.

Ok Saturday noon starting Part Deux of SSS listing mostly links to the main sites of some good bloggers and some individual posts i have not already directly reblogged. Waked up sleepy heads. I was up until 5am getting done three quarters of the projects spread across my kitchen counters and three quarters of the GB of data on this pc. Later i am taking a technology break n doing some outside stuff as it is 45* !!! and i can see mud under the frozen snow. and a friend mailed me a dozen DVDs so am going to watch Red 2 for some mindless but maddening entertainment tonight. Well here goes – plop…

Well 12 hours later and i just want a non techno night of watching a mindless DVD, so it will be tomorrow, and i think i am just going to go back to reblogging as i read them.

OK, Sunday morning, ready, set, REBLOG – petered out had todo real world things, now afternoon had the Most Incredible visit to a house built in 1679, took tons of pics w the Maine owner’s permission and tour. In frigging Incredible.

As I was saying, load, lock, aim, REBLOG –

I give up as it will take me two hours to do this and i have to bury a dead cat i found along the road still frozen out by the fallen bear oak tree for a year under stones n bark to retrieve cat bones in a year and other more important magickal witch stuff. Sorry for the tease. The WP blog posts i will just repost in a flurry later.

Enjoy yr Sunday.Oh an i visited a house built in 1679 and the owner from Maine gave me a tour of fireplaces in all rooms, talked about 110-12 foot black snakes everywhere, showed me a tree he calls the Snake Tree because they are always hanging out there, and the deep well. I took TONS of high res pics so have to process them too then reduce in size then post in the future.

Yr Servant.