Serpentine Slithering Slinks – Part 1 Friday


Source Unknown

I seriously cannot keep up with all the wonderful blog post from this past week, so the WP ones i am just now getting to reading i am just reblogging. The others I am not individually listing here but just the blogs you should all follow if you are interested in such subjects as they all contain wonderful writings, photography, poems and witchy thoughts. Here are the sites which are in my followings file to the right of this blog and read down through all their articles of the last week or so. How does one spell rebloging or reblogging? Enjoy and BB and have a Great Weekend!

I give up, have had this doc open for 12 hours and most wonderful posts keep coming in, now have 18 more to read, LOL. Fact is the people i follow are Such Wonderful Writers, Poets, Phographers, Music pickers, etc that trying to reblog you all is difficult. Maybe in the future i will just get a notice, read it and reblog and just save the Blogger ones that have to be linked for the SSS encircling ensnaring strangling swallowing of these post.

BB and Good Night.