On Becoming a Druid: A Winter Fragment and a Hope of Spring…

A Vital Recognition

A rare piece of fiction that I hope has a few layers worth experiencing on a cold winter evening….


On Becoming a Druid

“Why are you here? “

His gruffness might have been offensive to some, but in his eyes I saw curiosity, compassion almost.

“I want to be a Druid.” I answered. A breeze from the river cooled as it swept through and was gone.

“I didn’t ask you that.” Again, his gruffness might have offended or even frightened some, and I was a bit dumbfounded at the unexpected reply. Finally I said “I want you to teach me to be a Druid.”

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2 thoughts on “On Becoming a Druid: A Winter Fragment and a Hope of Spring…

  1. I also enjoyed this piece- think it gets to heart of the fact that in Druidry you have to learn the answers yourself and are often more capable of answering your questions than you imagine.

    • i just re-read that slower and made another comment – This is such an excellent story. “I don’t teach”, “go sit down by the river”, reminds me of Siddhartha by Herman Hesse, the little book that changed me from a lifetime christian to someone who started listening to my “inner voice” once again. The old religion sloughed off in about three days in my second year of college. I too up Zen thru a free university course, then dropped out, became a late hippie, hitchhiked around the NW and back again visiting national parks and communes. Nature is the Teacher. The leaves of a tree are the leaves of her book. Thank you again for writing this.

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