A Rare Sunny Walk.

i literally have about 25 posts to read n would normally on Friday put them into the SSS post today, but am being lazy and if these are WP post just rebloging. Gods we all want spring soooo badly and these photos are lovely. I can smell the flowers…..

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Salter Rake GateSalter Rake Gate

Yesterday something extraordinary happened.  The sun came out.  We’re just emerging from the wettest winter on record in Britain, and although most of the North of England escaped the drama (of tidal surges, giant waves, and widespread flooding) this time, two months of wet gloom had left most of us in a rather tetchy depressed state.  So it was brilliant to get out in some light.

My other half had gone out earlier and phoned, in some excitement, to say that a male Eider Duck was on the canal nearby.  This was a very unusual occurrence -Eiders are a marine species and we’re about seventy miles from sea- so I set off to pay my respects. There he was, a gorgeous handsome creamy white and black individual, with a lovely pale green nape.  A local birder, equipped with flask and sandwiches, was encamped on the towpath, as…

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