What You Thought the Oracle Said Wasn’t True: A Guide on How to Read a Psychic

My comment – “I’m glad you wrote it and it is definitely polished and full of the truth regarding the good the bad and the ugly regarding real and supposed psychics. My elder HPS is an excellent psychic. But i feel bad for those in mostly the poorer communities who read for money “you have a curse on you and for half of what you make in a month i will take it off you” and “come back one more time and it will be over, maybe”. I see even Cassie agrees as it is the best i have read on the subject and instead of just putting it in my SSS weekly circle of links I am going to reblog it directly for more attention. BB” Also make sure you follow the Wiki link about “Cold Reading” which is Very interesting.

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I have twenty years experience giving psychic Tarot readings, I’ve worked as an Occult Consultant for paranormal investigations, I moonlight as a Spirit Medium, and I seek to serve my community as an Oracle, but I will be the first to tell you that not everything us so-called “psychics” tell you are true. In the game of predictions there is a wide margin of error, hence why fortune-telling is more of a novelty and not taken so seriously. It is always up to the seeker (you) to decide what to believe in.  I have read the destinies of many people, some have taken what I said to a degree where they allow it to direct their lives into an unhealthy direction, and some have done what they’re supposed to do with their fortunes; they took what I told them as a guide, they made a choice, they took control of their…

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4 thoughts on “What You Thought the Oracle Said Wasn’t True: A Guide on How to Read a Psychic

  1. Really interesting post, I have been to a few medium’s in my time, but I think I am a bit skeptical so the ones I have paid to see have never come up with anything remotely relevant. Mind you I had a really interesting experience with a random reading on a hill in Wales many years ago – a flamboyant looking woman accompanied by a NUN (!) called me over and proceeded to give me a frighteningly accurate reading before the two of them just wandered off. Very Strange!

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