Serpentine Slitherings Slinks – 22-28 February 2014


Image of Entheogen evoked Mermaids from Tumblr

Here this Friday i present what i consider the best of the best of the Many posts i have read this week, with short descriptions of their content. This weeks coil of snakes contains writings from Animists, Environmental Hard Rockers, Solitary and Group Initiated Witches, Pagan and Druids, Poets and Bards, Satanists and TWH and i love them all which is why i post them in a group like this. I especially loved Valentine’s Reflections post on Psychics, very very good and helpful.

A Kingfisher Dream

The Personhood of Trees

For Nici de Vere  and HRH Prince Nicholas de Vere the Fisher King of the Imperial Royal Dragon Court and Order

Druidcraft by Phillip Car-Gomm – A Merger of Witchcraft and Druidry

Primordial – Heathen Tribes (Celtic Folk / Black Metal)

St Mary’s Well, Twilight

The Story of St Mary’s Well

East Lancs Viaduct

L is for Lemon Balm

Of Zebras and Banshees

The Day the Earth Succumbed to Water

The Importance of Semi-Strangers

Unfamiliar and Understanding

Smart Voices on Satanic Stories

Visible and Invisible Satanists

Why Do We Have Sex?

The Crawling, an Echo of the Macabre

There and Back Again, with a ring…

What you thought the Oracle said wasn’t true: A Guide on how to Read a Psychic and the Wiki on Cold Reading

Winter in New Orleans: News and Notes

Winter Stress, Wonder and Sustainability

Pagan Blog Project: D – Duir, the Mighty Oak

Enjoy and have a Great Weekend! BB