Harry’s Occult Shop and An Occult History of the Television Set from TWH’s Unleash the Hounds Links Roundup


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Jason at TWH  put out his weekly Unleash the Hounds Link Roundup and it contains many interesting links as usual and i can’t wait until my normal Friday Serpents Scales Slitherings

One of the links is to a story and video about Harry’s Occult Shop on the high end of South Street in Philadelphia where we used to make a pilgrimage every year or so to get Hoodoo supplies we could not get in our city. Check out the comments on TWH from people who like me have been there. Our first stop was always Harry’s because you could park there for free and then much cheaper than farther down the street towards the docks where the stores and bars got fancier, everything from Gothic (Zipperhead) to fancy art studios to occult bookshops. It was a big hit to the wallet, but like i said it was a supply run that would last a year or so. There were other fancier Botanicas further down the street, but there was nothing like Harry’s.


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Back in the day it was Not a white light new age supply store and i don’t know what it is like now. It was a strange place full of strange people. As a witch i noticed as you went in the door to the right near the floor in a case was a mirrored globe in front of a mirror and i thought, hmmm, that is to reflect negativity off of people coming in. There was this little kiosk that connected to the main counter where someone like an occult pharmacist (probably Harry himself or maybe a helper) would stand and people would go there for a consult about what formula they needed for what and they would go back and bring out the herbs and mix it for them right there, kinda like the pharmacist window at your modern pharmacy. There was always a line of people, strange people, standing in line there. The whole place was eerily quiet with people tip toeing around in whispered voices (mu new age musak) I remember one tall black man customer
who had the air of Ghede. A strange but practical and fascinating place for sure.

Ellegua with Keys

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In later years up here in the Burg in the Hispanic area of town i found a little Puerto-Rican grocery store where everyone spoke Spanish and in the back right corner was a little section of Santos and Voodoo candles. I was the only gringo in there for sure, except for Ray Malbrough (the author of several great books on Santeria and Hoodoo) strangely ran into each other way too often for coincidence since i came from 20 miles away and he a couple miles away and we would be in there at the same time. I always remember his eyes getting big and then for some reason he would run out, black satanic witch that i am, LOL. Actually at one time we were somewhat friends and i remember taking him to the old Burg cemetery and he was tip toeing around because he had never walked on a grave as where he was from just north of NO all the graves are above ground.

Vampire Kit

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Then down the street some Peruvians had set up an even better shop that was a true Botanica with lots of dried herbs and walls of candles but everything was labeled in Spanish, but the guy who ran the place was very friendly and helpful to me. His mama was this little old shriveled 4 foot tall powerhouse but oh so unassuming. She would smoke a cigar and go into trance and read from the cigar ash that fell on the table. I was dirt poor back then so could not afford a reading. Now that i think about it i recently took up skrying in the smoke of incense at the HH and discovered a method of taking in a big puff of Captain Black little cigars, formulating a question, then blowing it out into the sunlight coming in through the window and i can see forms that answer my questions. Never learned that from anyone, just discovered it one day, works for me.

TV Set

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Also a fascinating story at TWH is on The Occult History of the Television Set. Fascinating and Spooky, as reality is sometimes spookier than fiction. What’s that one DVD where the girl climbs out of the TV screen, something about a Well? Gives me the chills yet….Enjoy.

Voodoo Vampire Kat

Found this on Tumblr site last night – Satanicke Vampire Kat

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