Witch Wide Web

My comments – “Amen to all of the above. I have had a computer since 1986 and grew up hanging out with Bill Gates in his garage (Not) but have been on the internet from the beginning, though never in chat groups or a forum until now. Now as a Witch and HPT i run a Coven blog and a general blog of many subjects and now a FB coven page. Like i like to say – email/texts/words are one dimensional, talking on the phone is two dimensional as one can hear the inflections of a word as to how it is being used instead of having to use LOL or :) and face to face is three dimensional with eye contact and body language. Reblogging this excellent post and BB. SMB”

Pilgrim's Way

I remember about 20 years ago (give or take); I was a teenager and just making my first tentative steps upon the path of the occult.  It was around this time we first got AOL dial-up into the house, we had our first PC and I remember the excitement of finding out it came with a built-in modem, one which plugged into the phone line no less.  AOL was one of the biggest internet providers back then and I remember the first time I dialled in, the hissing and crackling noises which would issue forth from the computer as it communicated with some big central server somewhere, only to be followed by the ever so posh feminine words “Welcome to AOL”.

Suddenly this whole new universe opened up to me, having been exposed only to relatively few books at that point I was now presented with a seemingly endless wealth…

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