When mine eyes shall close in death

My Rock of Ages

Why am i rebloging this Rock of Ages painting from what looks like a tattoo blog? Because i went to the local antique mall and met with a lady who was going to buy my two Thai Dancers paintings i had tried to sell on eBay for months. And she had Just put up a painting similar to this but with one woman with dark hair standing and the one being pulled up with red hair, Mary helping Mary Magdalene? I messaged the blogger to ask his opinion and will try to past my pic in but it is similar to the one at this link http://www.gaslampantiques.com/magazine/features.php?article=83 part way down the page. Now why do i like this painting? Because when i was a child and young man i sat next to this in a beautiful stained glass window in our church, and even as a witch i have no aversion to christian art. And it was serendipity or synchronicity that i walk in with my paintings a minute after she put this up for sale and she was standing right by it so my eyes were immediately drawn there. Weird…

Barrelrider's Blog

The “rock of ages” has been a mainstay in the tattoo world for some time now but do people really know what it is?

In tattoos the rock of ages is most commonly depicted as a woman clinging to a stone cross jutting out of an angry sea. Sometimes the wreckage of a boat is seen in the back ground. This is of course based on many paintings with similar subject matter.

The ravenous sea represents sin and its’ potential to drown and kill us. The stone cross represents Christ as the “rock”, it being the only thing to stand firm in this world when everything else falls away.

It is widely agreed that Johannes Oertel was the first to paint such a representation. His painting is titled none other than “Rock Of Ages”. Unfortunately it is very hard to find a good picture of it, but if you are…

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