Baphomet, Pan Faunus and Diana Astarte Altar

Coven of the Catta

Baphomet n Witch Gods n Goddess (1) - Copy

Pan door knocker, Cernunnos with serpent, Baphomet, Pan Faunus, Diana Astarte Hekate, and HPT horned crown

I upgraded the inside COC temple in my house for the upcoming May Day ritual which posted in the inner COC group on FB. Of course i called Lady Alsace and she thought it might be Easter (April 20) when she was invited to some friends down sound, so i had to google Easter 2014 because for some reason i don’t celebrate it, well not in the Christian way, but YHSVH Is dead and in hell for three days starting on Good Friday (April 18) sooooo time for Exu and Pomba Gira to come out and dance.

I found this black shelving unit on sale at the local antique mall the other day, 60% off, liked the nice black matte. Late last night i got up and put nails in the wall at the…

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One thought on “Baphomet, Pan Faunus and Diana Astarte Altar

  1. I know the image of Baphomet was created in 1854 by Eliphas Levi but wasn’t it based on a supposed idol worshipped by the Knights Templar? I once read something about it…
    The alter looks good, take care Lee :-)

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