Serpents Scales Slitherings – Links from 2/15/2014 to 2/21/2014

5 headed nagini

Copper Nagini Rupa – Unknown Source

OK its late Friday and i am going to try to get these couple dozen links to what i thought were interesting stories and blog posts this past week, but it may not get published until tomorrow. So like i said before i am giving only the briefest of descriptions of the links and truth be known if you would check and follow the blogs i do then you would get these fed to you already and i could let this go, but for now it saves me time reblogging all of them. BB and have a Great Weekend!

OK its now Saturday morning so missed my goal of yesterday, you know, the Real World tops the list of things to do, so here goes and very quickly.

How wolves can change the course of rivers

About Salome’s Last Dance by Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde’s Salome’s Last Dance full movie, excellent but NSFW 18+ (barely in one one second scene)

Vikkings Arrive in York ahead of Ragnarok

Christian snake handlers death

Lupercalia from TWH

A few thoughts on death

Alone in the garden

Poem – Belief

4 hour documentary on the Vikings

Full moon ritual in a new home

Macha – she would not stand down

Magickal symbols – the Pentacle

Rumi Poem

Satanists say – she’s not one of us – this is 35 miles north of me

Where Stonehenge blue stones really really came from

Horror story – The Crawling – creepy

On Valentine’s Day, Lupercalia and Love

On Love from Valentine’s Reflections

Lots of writings by Vivienne Crowley

Why witches can’t worship Jesus – not sure i agree but the debate goes on

Sorry for the weird spacing above, but my mouse finger tip is bleeding LOL. And sorry for no real descriptions, just take my word on it, Excellent posts, writings, articles and videos. I am sooo far behind, about 25 posts to read and the same in blogs to explore folder. Blessed Saturnsday.