Evoking the Devil in The Cult of the Burn Barrel

BW inverted midwinter sunset 4 Small

By the flame that burneth bright, O Horned One

We call thy name into the night, O Ancient One

new moon losar  21 feb 2012 final burn 1

Thee we evoke by the Burn Barrel Bright

This winter has been quite the Fight

Bridge broke with me on it, what a Fright

Almost fell from a great Height

Looking forward to more Sun-Light

Tired of the eternal Night

Earth spinning right to left, then left to Right

Change in seasons, what a Sight

Change in finances, not so Tight

Tired of all this white White WHITE

Writing this “poem” thru the alphabet A-Z

So have to end with the word Zite.

devils footprints

I am NOT a poet, just cabin fevered early morning blogger who will just say “The Devil made me write this” whose footprints i see in the snow…..

3 thoughts on “Evoking the Devil in The Cult of the Burn Barrel

  1. Nice one Lee, I enjoyed this and I understand ;-)
    Blessings for a good 2014!

  2. Fab – love the innovative use of the word ‘Zite’ – tell me – did you just make that one up? ;0)

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