Cabin Fever Antics and Entertainment – Pics of Snow, “My Precious”, Mirror Selfie in Derr Hex Haus, Clucky and Duckie etc, and Burn Barrel Flame Skrying

Cabin Fever Antics and Entertainment – Pics of Snow, Burn Barrel, Selfies and Quotes and Pics from Various Sources. Oh really?

Well can i say we all have Major cabin fever here in PA though it has warned up a bit. This morning my alarm clock was an earth moving grater that went up and down the road scraping off the hard packed previously plowed piles of snow away from our mailboxes etc. I will tell you this little township does a helluva job and i have told them in person and by letter.

Sitting here waiting for the insurance adjustor lady and engineering evaluation guy to look at my broken bridge and i told them to not wear high heels and wingtips but boots, lol, though like i said the snow is slowly melting ….. not looking good with them paying for it was it was “improperly installed without the correct weight bearing load” but the engineer is actually going to run some calculations of the weigh bearing load of that particular pieced of steel. I had my little Ganesha statue in my pocket rubbing it rubbing it he he he.

Yesterday i kinda abandoned the other side of the creek and moved the bird feeders from where they have been for 10 years over to a branch near my back door and they adjusted immediately, but the squirrels haven’t figured it out yet. Lets just say the my cats can watch from the big picture window so are getting some cabin fever entertainment for sure. By the time they go out again i will have to move the feeders or there will be feathers everywhere….

OK hours later i am back, drove over to a local antique market to meet a lady to sell some Thai dancer paintings that have gone Nowhere on eBay and i actually ended up trading them for a pic she had just put up literally a few minutes before, serendipity or synchronicity, huh?

OK on with the picture show, gotta get this posted then to the COC FB page, another sticky spot hard to get off of.

Dragon over snow looking out front door

Looking out my front door at piles of snow but the dragon rises above it all, Fire over Ice i guess.

Deer Tracks

Bad photo of some pretty big deer prints from this am, looking for the food where the bird feeders used to be, will have to get some corn for over there now.

GLH small jpegs (4)

Found this ball (“My Precious”) at another local antique place (have i told you how dangerous it is for me to go into these, even with little money and much discipline?) i thought was a copper coloured witch ball like you put on a stand out front, originally used by the Germans to reflect back negativity and you know, “witches” who were bad. But you put 3 C batteries and it lights up with blinking xmas lights and when on and looks like the moon being stuck by meteors and it has a timer function. Good to trance out on this winter in the dark.

GLH small jpegs (5)

Finally warm enough to get over to the Hex Haus and take an old-man-smoking-a-cigar selfie in a mirror, LOL

PCCF small

That local antique mall is Full in the back with old pinball machines and games from the 1950s-60s and my gf Loves this one where you try to whack the chickens and it says “Clucky, Plucky, Lucky, Duckie and Crispie” for the names of the chickens who survive or who are food. Hey its winter and we get our entertainment where we can. LOL.

Finally below, totally mindless entertainment burning trash. But also a test of your psychic skrying abilities, so what do YOU see in the flames?…..

GLH small jpegs (1)

GLH small jpegs (2)

GLH small jpegs (3)

Hope you are laughing…. and as always all Photographs Copyright 2014 GLHoke

6 thoughts on “Cabin Fever Antics and Entertainment – Pics of Snow, “My Precious”, Mirror Selfie in Derr Hex Haus, Clucky and Duckie etc, and Burn Barrel Flame Skrying

    • i assume u r talking about the glowing ball, probably available on the internet, and it did not say made in china. so hopefully u can find one. it is an awesome nightlight n trances me out. BB my lady.SMB

        • it has a rubber piece on the bottom that snaps onto the plastic piece where the triangular latch is where the 3 C batteries go in, no brand name, not says made in china or anything, probably comes in various colours. BB and good luck.

  1. Glad you managed to escape the cabin for a while, all that white looks lovely but must be a bit of a bore after a while. Bet you are glad to have the internet!

    • well i get out into town, and my good friend tony is finally back from the west coast after a tragedy in his family and visited yesterday so that was good. trying to keep up with all the blog posts, which i have over a dozen to read, and trying to post my SSS today, and still tweaking out coven’s FB page, does keep me busy. It got a little warmer n some of the snow has melted off n today n tomorrow to be fairly warm but then turning colder. definitely cabin fever for all us nature lovers here. yea the snow is enough already, lol. But this is a normal winter as the last decade has been very atypical here. u know my email addy too if u ever want to communicate there too. take care n chilling tales to u lol. Lee

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