The London Necropolis Company: A One Way Ticket to Ride

My comment – “Love it and a lot of research for someone who hates graveyards and is scared of ghosts and things that go bump in the night, LOL. BTW “mortus quies vivis salus” according to google translate means “rest assured the safety of the living dead”. The Living Dead? Sounds more like they were transporting vampires! Wow ride with the dead pretending to be mourners for cheaper rides. I’m surprised some didn’t hide in coffins. So Death in the form of the Blitzkrieg killed the Death Train. Great sources as always and will have to check them out later, but until then i am Definitely reblogging this one as you know i too have No knowledge of death at all….. Ave Ghede and Brigit”

The Haunted Palace

Entrance to the London Necropolis Company's cemetery station c1890.  Source unknown. Entrance to the London Necropolis Company’s cemetery station c1890. Source unknown.

Readers of this blog might have guessed that I have a bit of a fancy for graveyards and the macabre…surely not I, hear you say!  In my opinion, the Victorian’s definitely had the edge when it came to eccentric and OTT funerary practices.  The London Necropolis Company with its railway service was a prime example of how the Victorian’s used a modern technology to revolutionise funerals for rich and poor alike.

A surplus of bodies

Skull and crossbones Image by Lenora

London in the nineteenth century was a burgeoning industrial and commercial centre, attracting in-comers from all over the country and the empire.  Between 1801 – 1851 the population pretty much doubled.  With this increase in the living, there came also in increase in the dying and soon London’s limited burial grounds were packed to overflowing.  Reuse of burial plots resulted in…

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2 thoughts on “The London Necropolis Company: A One Way Ticket to Ride

  1. Thank you for the reblog! Glad you enjoyed the post and I love the translation of the company motto – great theme for a film I think – victorian zombie horror – :0)))

    • i used google translate which is sometimes close to accurate and that is how it came out and i just thought it strange. u would have to email it to someone who actually knows latin then let me know, definitely more material for your excellent excellent historical horror article. Life is stranger than fiction almost….ttfn n bb

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