How much Snow do we have in PA? Enough to Collapse my Bridge

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How Much Snow do we have in PA? Enough to collapse my bridge yesterday. My first nice bridge was swept away by a storm in 2005 when the water came up to the edge of the bank with 5 foot waves with all the rapids and rapid fall off of this stream draining about 15 sq miles of 3 days of rain. A tree came down n split it in half n i found one piece at my neighbors that miraculously still had the old Japanese bell on it. And i found across the stream some plastic token with a horseshoe on one side and what looks like the Helm of Awe rune on the other.

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A year or so after that my uncle took my grandparents old trailer bed which had been stripped down for scratch and loaded it on an auto lift back n he was across the stream w his tractor and they laid it down sweet as could be. So this is steel beams and thick plywood so it bends a little in the center so i have Always kept all the snow off of it, but this year with my back surgery and the snow cone ice storm i could not clear that off so each storm, about every 2-3 days now, 4″ today, kept piling up. I thought it looked a little bent but thought it was an optical illusion because under the hemlocks there is less snow. So i shoveled it today, no problem, not even a creak, then went back over with buckets of paper trash to burn and a refill for the bird feeder and it just friggin collapsed under me like dropping 3 feet but did not break completely in half. I think it hit the bank. So i get up completely unhurt trash unspilled but bird seed spilled and crawl up a 30 degree slope and sit down shaking. Of course i did not have my friggin cell phone, duh. so i am screaming out my good neighbor’s name n he sleeps right thru it. so i burn the trash n feed the birds n walk back over His bridge. He took a look at it, and between him n his bro they have all the skills for everything, and said he would bring over his backhoe and chain and hold it up then put dry cinderblocks on top of the old concrete and cemented cinderblock piling there so it is not swept away taking his bridge out and i think we can save it, then in the spring they will cement the blocks into place. Have i said my good neighbor’s real name is Loyal and he is a Mason? Hey it could have broken in half completely dropping me into the frozen stream w a broken leg or worse w no cell phone to die in the cold water. So, thank the gods i am still here!!!

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Update today i trudged through a foot and a half of snow with my purple toboggan to rescue the leaning but frozen in place concrete Greek pillar i found in the woods, which is actually the discarded base of a bird bath, and got it on the sled n made it maybe 30 feet until i abandoned it for another day or my good neighbor to help or some more freezing rain on top of the snow for a stronger surface (NOT) to bring it over to the Hex Haus. The Mermaid is still good to go but will move her tomorrow, probably will need an axe to chop her out! Enjoy the weather you southerns and those above freezing. We have a storm predicted every other day the next week. Arrrggghhh as Peanuts says.

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    • yea close call, had insurance adjuster and structural engineer here n he has to crunch the numbers but they may not cover it because it wasn’t professionally built, so we shall see…..

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