Powwow Objects at the Hex Haus

A post that took me days to put together from the COC blog. Enjoy

Coven of the Catta

HH wintersolstice 6

Derr Hexen Haus from across the stream

I call the little white cabin, built in 1935, which i was luckily able to buy a few years ago, the Hex Haus because i have it decorated with Hexen Runes painted on the walls and over the doors, hex sign plates i painted, and some old stuff left there and from my late Dad’s and Grandad’s garage.

HH Powwow 14 Feb 2014 (9)

I painted 1935 in Roman Numerals on partial back porch column

Like i said the house was built in 1935 and was a summer cottage the previous owner when she was a child would come up to with her parents and siblings and it has no electricity, water or plumbing which is just fine with me. When i got it it was like King Tut’s tomb with literally a million dead lady bugs and other bugs, but the place was remarkably free from mold. It…

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