“On Valentine’s Day, Lupercalia & Love” from The Dance of Life blog

Here is a Much Better explanation of Lupercalia and Valentine’s Day at The Dance of Life called On Valentine’s Day, Lupercalia & Love which is much better than what i posted the other day. I commented to him – “A Much better post on Lupercalia than my short post, so am going to reblog it. Love the video as always. I think St Valentine was beheaded, which is a Valentine’s Day warning to all men regarding their wives n girlfriends, LOL. Blessed VVV Day to you too little elf…..”

Since i cannot reblog directly follow the link above and i have embedded his video below. Blessed belated VVV day!

3 thoughts on ““On Valentine’s Day, Lupercalia & Love” from The Dance of Life blog

  1. Great post by the Dance of Life, hearing those old poems read out loud in the video was really powerful. I have a copy of Spencers Faerie Queen that I bought in a fit of Elizebethan-ness that I went through a while ago. It is an enormous poem and the language and spelling is quite hard to get your head around, I think I will look for an audio version!

    • Like i have said before, i am no real fan of avatars in videos, but i think he/she does a great job with them and his stories are always a powerful and heart touching in this case portrayal of some old pagan story. the song is still in my head…..

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