Serpents Scales Slitherings – Links Squeeze Up

Vetali Nagini

Vetali (vampire) Nagini – drawn by me decades ago, vampire teeth, covered not by eyes like Rahula but by yonis. This was scanned so notice the background bleed through of some other image – Copyright 2014 GLHoke

Here are all the blog posts and websites i saved to post on my new Serpents Scales Slitherings Link Squeeze Up which i hope to post every Friday. Time is short so very short descriptions with links. BTW these are in alphabetical order from my folder and not in order of postings or importance.

17th Dynasty Rishi coffin discovered in Dr Abu El Naga

50,000 ancient treasures discovered in Lincolnshire

Albion Calling – An Interview with Dr. Graham Harvey

CNN Religion blog – Praise the Lord and pass the beer, change is brewing among American Christians

TWH – From Greece to Sochi – Olympic Sport, Politics and Religion

From AC2012 Tumblr page – Crowley Quote

From Invocatio – On the Arbitrary Appellation of Magic in Antiquity

TWH – Pagan Music Update

Animist Jottings – Some Rock Portraits

Blue Flame Magick – Subplanetary Cycles

The Dance of Life – Merry England before the Modern Age

TWH – the Future of Pagan Hospitality

If most of you already follow The Wild Hunt let me know and i wont post their excellent posts.

Sarah Anne Lawless – Tveir Hrafnar – Sorcery in Silver

I love her type of Animism and Sorcery

Love by the Moon – Whale Song

Where Celts have come from and lived for 3000 years

I can’t remember whose posts or website i got these from so kudos to you all for posting them or some link to some link to some link in the vertebrae of the skeleton of the Serpent.

Pagan Music Updates: Heather Dale, Anilah, Omnia, and More! – See more at:
From Greece to Sochi: Olympic Sport, Politics and Religion – See more at:
From Greece to Sochi: Olympic Sport, Politics and Religion – See more at:

Enjoy and have a great weekend.

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