Posted on Earthsong Forum on a Sybil Leek Thread

A posting i was finally able to make at the Earthsong Forum on a Discussion Thread on Sybil Lee.

Coven of the Catta

SybilLeek.21 copy

Image of Sybil Leek drawing a Witches circle with her sword in the New Forest England – widely available on the www unknown source

A couple weeks ago i got on the Earthsong Forum where someone had sent me a link to a String regarding Sybil Leek. I finally got access and was able to post this, Yea. Read the whole string at the link above. I have never participated in Forums before and this one was started years ago so do not know if anyone there would be made aware of new posts on that string or not, which is why i am posting it on my two blogs here. Enjoy and BB.

Greetings – this is an interesting and informative discussion about Dame Sybil Leek. I just want everyone to know that she initiated Dr Frederick LaMotte Santee aka Merlin who initiated Lady Phoebe Athene Nimue at…

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