Lupercalia Celebrated February 13th to 15th


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Today is the first of three days celebrating Lupercalia. I think i saw something on Metal Gaia at her post on Brighid that mentioned it but don’t have the exact link. Or maybe it goes back to when i got the Anubis statue to match my Bastet statue. I am usually not that attracted to the Mediterranean religions, except for Egypt, not that into Greek or Latin pantheons, though our Coven’s God is Pan / Faunus. So i am being lazy here and just go the Wiki link above to explore and i am sure you can google more. I am tired from shoveling 10 inches of snow for hours….. So, Happy Lupercalia!

Addendum – a good post on Lupercalia from The Wild Hunt.

Winter 2-13-2014 (2)

10 inches of snow on top of 8 inches of snow cone ice

Winter 2-13-2014 (3)

Digging across the bridge to the bird feeders

Priority parking - Copy

Priority parking in my town. No one is gonna tell him to move.

Shadow cat grass heater - Copy

Treated my cats to some cat grass i grew. They have major cabin fever.



The forecast, look at those soaring temps, time to lay out in a foot and a half of snow and ice and get a tan!

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5 thoughts on “Lupercalia Celebrated February 13th to 15th

      • Fortunately I am on the East coast where it has just been grim and raining but not really flooding; Wales and the Somerset Levels have had it really rough, and no end in sight. Even the Met office is attributing it to global warming/mankind’s influence on the environment (despite the amount of recent opposition to the idea of global warming no doubt generated by corporate and political greed…)

        • yea i know you are “east coast” as we stay in the states, and anyone who thinks with all the evidence from many many many scientists over decades of data collection that global warming is not real is just stupid or has some hidden money agenda to deny it. global warming does not mean it is getting warmer, it means the warming has various radical affects on the atmosphere and earth from warming to cooling, drought to flooding, so Amen to that. Our generation will survive it. The next will have to deal with it if the developing nations do not decrease their global CO2 and other chemical footprints. I think the US is doing pretty well, even though we still haven’t signed the Kyoto Accord, as our numbers are decreasing. Right now eastern states are suing western states that burn a lot of coal. I just don’t understand why when there is a huge fusion reactor 93 million miles away, the Sun, and heat from the earth’s core, why alternative methods like solar and geothermal aren’t tapped into more. But then, o yes, one cannot put a meter on those. If i had a house to build from scratch definitely geo-thermal and solar. Here i have too many trees for the latter even as a retro-fit, but the trees do keep the place cooler int he summer and leafless trees let in more solar through the windows in the winter. BB

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