The Rusalka

Thanks Lauren. I have never been to an opera or even a symphony, life out in the sticks away from any culture n would have to go to Philly or Pittsburgh for that. I love the story though so will reblog it so thanks and BB.

Blue Star Owl

I am a huge opera fan. I grew up going to the opera with my mother. Carmen was my first opera experience and while it’s not one of my favorites, it certainly left a vivid impression on my imagination. Somewhere I have pictures of 8 year old me dressed up as Carmen for Halloween. Looking back on it, I’m not sure Carmen was quite the appropriate persona for an 8 year old to try and embody, but… Carmen opened the door to the wonderful world of opera for me ever after.

Strangely enough, New Orleans does not seem to have a lot of opera, even though it was the first place in America to have one! This year there are only two being shown here. (And sadly enough, the first one is happening while Kenny and I are at Pantheacon next week. Come out and say hi!) So…I’m really glad…

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2 thoughts on “The Rusalka

  1. I love opera Verdi and Mozart are my favorite composers for opera, but I went to see Rusalka in Prague in the 1990’s (saw Cavalleria rusticana at the same time) it was beautiful and the tickets were so cheap! It was about £1 to see both operas, in the UK, even back then it was about £50 for a cheap seat, it is much more now. I’m sure half of why opera is percieved as elitist is because of the exorbitant cost of tickets in the UK, in other countries in Europe it is much more accessible.

    • I was just raised in a small town near a medium sized city that back in the day had little culture, though know there is a city symphony but definitely no opera within a hundred miles. But i did used to have a 8 track player in my house, lol.

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