Satan and Lucifer

Well differentiated and yet they are not different except maybe in flavour. Well written also. From what I have read Luciferian could be applied to any religious or political movement who favours the person of Free Will, including Freemasons, Theosophists (both of which use the name Lucifer), Leland’s works explaining the old Archadian gods of Lucifer and Diana, and it could be applied to any Democratic movement or even most revolutions. Satan is more down to earth, the god of the Magickians who explore the left hand path. I see two interconnecting circles, one above which is Lucifer, one under it which is Satan, and where they over cross is Baphomet and the place where the Magickian balances out and embodies both forces in her/his religious and political spheres. A.L / A.B / A.S. “Tun, was du willst, soll das ganze Gesetz sein, die Liebe ist das Gesetz, Liebe unter Willen.”

Devil's Advocates


Folllowing my last post about connecting with Satan several people asked me how I would differentiate between Satan and Lucifer. Do I see them as different entities or perhaps as aspects of the same thing? Well, I can only give a personal view which I warn may differ significantly from the views of other Satanists and Luciferians. Developing our own opinions and theories is central to most of us who use those labels and it is very rare that we all agree.

There are plenty of sites and books which give cultural, religious and historical accounts about how the various traditions associated with Satan and Lucifer developed and have been interpreted over the years. I am not going to add to them. I am simply going to put my own feelings and beliefs into words, and in these matters words are often inadequate.

There are some rough generalisations that could…

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