Gundestrup Dream

Nice poem about a cauldron and image i Love and i actually have a statue of him in silver coloured clay, reblogging this one. BB. Lee / Shawnus

Signposts in the Mist

In the gateway
time becomes a serpent.

Its gaping mouth is the moment
and long weird lanes
draw themselves across the countryside.

A rainbow shines in the night sky.

Processions of animals march through dream;
stag, hound, bull, salmon,
returning again
to the god
who wears the torque and holds the serpent.

My camera fails to capture the image
alive before closed eyes

Gundestrup Images03.Plate A

This image is borrowed from the following website:

*The language and imagery in this poem have a basis in Nietzsche’s ‘The Vision and the Riddle (.2)’ from Thus Spake Zarathrustra- a scene which had a great impact on my perception of time many years ago. It can be found here:

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