Bright Sun on Icy Water and Ice Crystals

I took these photos yesterday and reduced them in size but am finally getting around to posting them today. They are posted in order of the walk. They are All Copyright 2014 GLHoke except the two thusly labeled as Copyright 2014 TFerrell. Enjoy!

Outside 6 Feb 2014 (5) - Copy

Crossing the bridge, looking downstream

Outside 6 Feb 2014 (1) - Copy

Snake Henge in Winter

Outside 6 Feb 2014 (4) - Copy

BRIGHT Winter Sun

Outside 6 Feb 2014 (3) - Copy

Western Sun and Fallen Bear Oak Tree Hole with Rainbow reflected off the lens and enhanced a little

Outside 6 Feb 2014 (6) - Copy

Back across the bridge with my sun shadow waving

Crystals at Sunset (1) - Copy

Sunset on the Icy Crystals. That little golden prayer wheel has a solar cell so the light makes it spin Om Mani Padme Hum

Crystals at Sunset (2) - Copy

Crystals detail. The huge one i bought decades ago before the “New Age” shops and it was bought by the pound from a place that imported crystal by the truckload for use in old radios.

Later in the afternoon Lady TAU in NC sent these cell shots:

Tabatha Winter Feb 2014 (2) - Copy

Poor Lady TAU in NC is not used to snow. No this is not her house but the goat shed crowned with a deer skull and antlers

Tabatha Winter Feb 2014 (5) - Copy

Lady TAU’s Garden Goddess looks like Persephone came out of the cave then froze up ya’al

Prepared for those Children under the stairs with the glowing eyes - Copy

A little Comedic Relief – I have weapons everywhere in plain view and moved the cellar machete to this nail, you know, for all those monsters in the cellar, those giant spiders, those little children under the stair whose eyes glow at night. At least that’s what i told Brother A in FLA he he he cackle cackle cackle…

Enjoy the beauty of this hard winter with these photos and a little laughter too. BB.  L / S

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  1. Beautiful! I also just love the machete next to the mop.. I do that too (stash weapons in odd places, lol)..

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