Serpents Scales – Scores of Scales of Links

alchemical snake

Alchemical Image from Unknown Source

I think i am going to start a weekly links post called Serpents Links in which i post tons of links i have here which i like and some blogs i have not totally explored but they look good so far, and even blogs that have posts of links, thus link after link after link thus the Serpents Links. I will put a very short description before each of them but no more. Happy exploring each scale of the snake…..

The Wild Hunts Pagan Community Notes

Tuatha Dea Pagan band that sound really great, linked from TWH, this link being their YT collection.

TWH’s Unleash the Hounds at which i found this interesting story and pictures (some a little graphic but not gross) on Palo Voodoo in Haiti.

Lots of articles written by the famous witch Vivianne Crowley.

Metal Gaia has posted some great posts today, and the day before, and the day before.

An archeological blog i look at Every day is Archeology News Network.

And the CNN Religion blog, a little tilted to western religions but still very interesting.

Some day i will publish my favourite links to various folders i have on science, weather, various religions, archeology, witchcraft, buddhism and hinduism, etc etc ad infinitum (i have asked in 3 posts now is that the way to spell that in Latin?)

The rest NSFW but not over the top, just plain funny.

Where can you visit a Sex Museum and ride a Beer Bicycle?

I won’t even give the title of this YT video (so you know its funny but not over the top) from Karmapolice blog (Once again Kudos to TG because hers was the First blog i found and she was Very helpful getting me started and is trained in Many different systems from around the world and if it wasn’t for her with my disability and nothing much to do i would have gone crazy Long ago….). I almost spit out my drink watching this one. TG the Blog Meister has the same twisted sense of humor that i do by posting this one. Kudos in Romanian. So have a TGIF laugh and enjoy!

And by tomorrow Invocatio will have her weekly link roundup called Mysteria Misc. Maxima which i should have the link to then, Always Great links to interesting, informative and funny stories, so come back here tomorrow for that. I see this morning that Sarah Beale there is going to stop the MMM posts and just post more scholarly stuff and concentrate on her academic studies, so i will try to take a little of that slack up though i cannot come anywhere near her talent and contacts.

Now that i have your attention i have updated the blogs i follow as on WP one can only follow 40 blogs at a time. I have deleted some because they only post maybe once a month or less, but continue to check them that often, so nothing personal, just a matter of how WP is set up. I probably have near a hundred blogs i try to check in on at least once a month, all good blogs, but they just won’t all squeeze into this WP template. I have also stopped following blogs where people get into fights with others on their comments (that is not why i got into blogging), and blogs by mostly male “Magister Magickians” who have a pompous drum to beat and quote and criticize other “Magister Magickians” blogs, LOL. Some of those i DO follow are very young, simple, new, real witches who post from the heart, and i love to read their latest experiences and insights and comment on them. I follow witches, cemetery photographers, poets, Druids, archeologists etc etc etc of a wide variety of interests but they are not all listed here. I have about a dozen good looking blogs to explore and will choose whether to add those or just watch them as i am at 37 towards the maximum of 40. But the blogs i follow now, which you can see to your right, are the best of the best for me right now and i love you all. You all help keep me sane and i hope my comments and posts are of interest and comfort to you all.

Blessed Be

Blue Star Black Snake