Coppull Colliery

My comments – “That gives me chills. Lenora at The Haunted Palace and i have been talking about such mining accidents of late so i will reblog this so she sees it, although i think you two may follow each other already. And we have had our share of mining disasters over the centuries here in PA too. Chilling….. “

Signposts in the Mist


Peaceful we gnomes in our underground homes
beneath restful hillside by Coppull Hall Farm.
From this pastoral scene few men can divine
that the whole panorama is riddled with mines.
If you want to see deep, come one with the gnomes,
like a feather through air sink into the loam,
in the warren of chthonic history
behold the earth’s grave tragedy:

Upon the retreat the timbers were weak.
The roof fell in between shunts two and three.
When Smith arrived to examine the rubble
he advised to beware as the current of air
was deathly still and signaled trouble.
Ellis agreed, yet no-one took heed
for when men cannot afford to shirk
in spite of peril they set to work.
By a naked flame to the perilous place
the pit exploded at seven am
(for the price of a safety lamp is scandalous
when a miner can barely afford…

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