Soooo Robots can Legally Marry People by Proxy but Witches Can’t. Hmmmmm


Image from The Visionary and i hope they don’t mind me using it as it had no copyright on it but was from their site and i am linking back to them for more traffic to their interesting articles.

I saw this post at the ULC e-newsletter The Visionary which led to their story on ULC Ministers Join in ‘Robot Wedding’ Trend and i think back to my post on Our Coven’s Fight as Ordained Witch Priests and Priestesses to Legally Perform Marriages in Pennsylvania.

And my first thought was “WTF so Robots can marry people by proxy but real live Witches can’t?” Of course it all gets back the fact that Yes some states and counties allow ULC online ordained people to legally marry, or even people who just have their Notary Public license like in Florida, but here in PA No Way Jose. Guess we are gonna gotta get us one of dem fancy smancy robots……

I could not comment on their blog because you have to have a FB account which i do not, but was able to email them through their help desk.

Also good news Jason at The Wild Hunt will put a link to our Coven’s plight in his next News Roundup. And the people at Witchvox who will eventually post it on their Witches’ Voice but it may take awhile as they have a limited staff and tens of thousands of members and hundreds of such stories to catch up with, so help them out and become a sponsor there if you are not one already.

I now have in my head “Onwards Wiccan Lawyers, Marching as to Court” to the tune of that Xian song. Will have to work on that one so stay tuned, LOL

BB Lee / Shawnus