Human Decay and the Return to Our Primeval Origins (Philip Carr Gomm, Chief of OBOD)

This is a kinda mind blowing analogy, to which i commented – “Wow, the idea that we people of the earth who are not blocked by the dams of civilization are swimming back to our Mother Ocean to spawn new life, going back to our pagan roots of our foremothers and forefathers is kinda mind blowing, a Great analogy. You are writing some great stuff today and i am just trying to keep up with my bookmarked posts and folder full of blogs to review, LOL. Reblogging this one too so thank you so much MG.”

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All around the world there is a revival of the Ancient Ways.

People are returning to indigenous religions and ideas.

Why is this happening?

In one of his podcasts, Philip Carr Gomm (the chief of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids) gives his perspective.

He says that many of the main religions have reached a point of maturity.

While I don’t want to bend his words – this could mean that these mainstream religions have reached a point of death. All around the world, people are realizing that the system just isn’t working. The pre-dominant religious ideas aren’t solving man’s problems and the environmental crisis is getting worse. Culturally and spiritually humanity is experiencing a sort of metaphorical death. At a deep subconscious level – we know that something ominous is ahead like crows warning of a coming storm. That’s not what Phillip…

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2 thoughts on “Human Decay and the Return to Our Primeval Origins (Philip Carr Gomm, Chief of OBOD)

  1. This is an interesting idea, although I don’t think seeking for primal origins is new. Throughout the centuries we have quested this- every culture’s creation myths belie our desire to connect with the source. Maybe we’re just eternal salmon.

    • Yes the Song of Amergin where he is a salmon, and any shamanic transformation back to the animals, helps remind humans we Are just animals on this planet, though dangerously intelligent for the good and the bad and the ugly.

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